Where is the toilet paper?

Wow, how fast things can change!  Pawleys was looking at the best spring we have ever had. Houses were rented, restaurants were full, shops were busy and suddenly we go to zero.        The virus has us all confined, I came to work with the doors locked and made a lot of pieces that i needed for summer. i thought it was great to get ahead. but as time went on and confinement went on, all i could think about was what is I was going to cook that night and if i had a good wine to go with the meal.  And of course enough toilet paper!  That turned into, no matter what i cook i don't like it, then no alcohol tasted good. So I gave up drinking for a while, so things change!  


  I look forward to being able to talk to my friends and customers and spend time together!         

The silver lining is that we had time to work on the new website.  mainly my staff did all the work with some of my input. Now the key is people finding it and using it.   Please share it with friends.  I  hope ya'll enjoy the new site.   Soon we will get back to more normal activities like golf, fishing ,surfing, etc.  when you get the opportunity come back and visit Pawleys and enjoy the beach , please stop by and say hello !  


 This  is the fourth quarter , wear your mask, wash your hands, distance, eat well, sleep well. hold four fingers up to show you are all in to win . We will beat this virus together.



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